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Supplier spotlight – Everes’s Farm

Nov 3, 2020

Located on the River Leadon, just downstream from the birthplace of Dick Whittington, Everes's Farm is the joint home of the Noent herd of Gloucester cattle. 

The herd was established by Clifford’s father Eric in 1971 with two cows bought in Tetbury market. Over the last forty years, it has been one of the most leading and influential herds within the breed with most modern Gloucesters having Noent in their pedigree. Clifford is very keen on continuing his father’s work in preserving and improving the breed from within using the latest DNA profiling techniques.

Gloucester cattle

Gloucester cattle are an ancient breed, recorded in the area as early as the 13th century. They are valued for both milk and meat and for producing strong and docile oxen. Following the introduction of more popular breeds in the 20th century, the number of Gloucester cattle declined to just 68 head in 1972. Through the hard work of the Breed Society and the Rare Breed Survival Trust, the number of Gloucester cattle are steadily increasing, with around 700 females now registered.

Everes’s meat

Everes’s ethos is to take it slow. Most of their cattle are born on the farm and raised in family groups to minimise stress. Any bought stock comes from trusted farms where health and welfare can be guaranteed. 

Many modern beef farmers use grain-based feed and other fillers to fatten up their animals more quickly and cheaply – this adds extra fats and dulls the natural flavour of the meat. By contrast, Everes’s cattle are raised on a natural diet of green grass and fresh water. It takes longer for the cattle to mature but it does ensure a much higher quality, better flavoured meat as well as increased levels of vitamin E, vitamin C and healthy omega 3 fatty acids. 

Loved by chefs

According to Phil Fallows, chef at St Mary’s Hall Hotel, the quality of the meat from Everes’s farm has inspired a new menu! He said “When you are working with ingredients that are this good, you really don’t want to be too complicated or mask their natural flavour… so the menu by nature doesn’t involve complicated dishes but ones that are built on the quality of the raw materials." 

Why not try some of Everes’s farm beef yourself? We stock a range of their products in the Happerley Larder.

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