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The Happerley Difference

We're supporting a sustainable future for UK food production

ShopHapperley is a one stop marketplace where those who care about provenance can buy food and drink from honest producers, all in one checkout.

At Happerley, we are passionate about provenance. We’ve been championing transparency for years and are on a mission to level the playing field for British food and drink producers. 

Every producer on ShopHapperley is Happerley Transparent or on a journey to become Transparent.  This means that we have validated their ingredient supply chain, so you know where they source their ingredients from, empowering you to discover the journey of your food and drink. 

Once we have validated a producer’s supply chain, we award them with a Happerley marque and unique QR code which you can scan to reveal details of the ingredients and their provenance.

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Why should you ShopHapperley?

Our mission is to level the playing field for independent farmers, growers and artisan producers. We're promoting honesty and transparency and facilitating direct, local purchasing for the benefit of all. But what does that actually mean?

Provenance guaranteed

We believe transparency is key and work with our community of independent farmers, growers and producers to ensure they are Happerley Transparent or on the journey towards becoming transparent. This means they have a validated ingredient supply chain, so you know where their ingredients were sourced. 

Buy direct from the producer

We want our producers to thrive and so we are providing them with as much support as possible. For this reason, we do not charge set up or admin fees for online shops. We simply deduct 5% from each sale to help us cover our own costs. The rest, less transaction fees, is paid directly to the producer. 

Although many of our producers also have their own shops, it makes sense for them to join ShopHapperley. Here, the producers manage their own stock and set their own prices and delivery requirements, while we provide a secure platform and marketing support. This enables even the smallest producers to benefit from online trade with no risk. 

Premium products at a fair price

Many supermarkets charge a premium for artisanal products because they know you’ll pay it. By supporting producers through ShopHapperley you’re  cutting out any intermediaries and unnecessary intervention so you can feel confident that you are buying genuine artisanal products and our producers benefit from receiving a fair price.

Know the impact of your food

In a time where sustainability is a real buzzword, we’re giving truth, not greenwashing. Our vendors’ Happerley profiles detail their commitments to sustainability, welfare and local communities, enabling you to purchase from producers whose values align with your own.

Find out more about Happerley

Happerley is a farmer-founded movement with a mission to level the playing field when it comes to food transparency. Click here to see our journey so far.

Who owns ShopHapperley?
Shop Happerley is owned by Happerley Retail Limited that was set up by Happerley co-founder and Director Matthew Rymer to operate some units at Happerley England in Banbury. It is independent of Happerley Limited and is working to provide additional commercial benefit for Happerley Transparent producers.